Why do you recommend Minerall?

This is a fair pool with a high profit value, without unnecessary and useless information for the user, transparent income and luck statistics, and informational reports for any mining period and responsive tech support.

How much time does your work take?

The initial rig optimization takes 60 minutes at an average 40 minutes. We can guarantee our work quality and the completed optimization an average 24 hours after.

Why does my GPU throw out errors, reload the rig, stop mining?

These problems can occur due to incorrect overclocking parameters, incorrectly configured BIOS, GPU overheating, chip and (or) memory degradation.

Why is GPU performance lower in summer?

It is related to internal settings for protecting GPU from overheating. The operating temperature for AMD GPU is ~75 degrees, NVIDIA GPU ~65 degrees. If you have GPU overheating (the operating temperature value is higher than value listed above), it lowers automatically the parameters to protect from general malfunction.

How to provide HiveOS remote access to my farm?

Click on "+" icon placed on top right hand corner on farm page, select the "trusted user" menu. In opened window you need to enter "eSupport" in the login field and "Advanced" in the access field.

How can I calculate cost of your services?

Our services cost for Minerall pool clients is already included in the pool commission fee. Our services cost for other pools clients is 1% of the income of each GPU we have optimized.

What trial period do you provide to test your work?

The test period does not exist because you receive increased income from your GPUs during the first hour of our work.

What optimization methods do you use?

We do GPU BIOS optimization, OS tweaking, miner reconfiguration and other related settings to achieve the best result on your equipment.

How do you guarantee security?

We have been working here for more than 6 years, studying the BIOS internal structure of each GPU, its particular characteristics and dependencies. Every optimization made by our experts is completely safe and does not harm your GPU on its correct operation and maintenance.

How to increase my mining profit?

You can increase mining profit in the following ways: buy more mining equipment, optimize and overclock its hashrate to maximum safe limits or rent cloud power but cloud mining is not profitable at the moment.

Which mining GPUs to choose?

It is difficult to give a categorical answer to this question in view of mining trends and overestimated GPU cost at the primary and secondary markets. Different graphic cards (GPUs) become more advantageous to buy day by day.

How to mine Ethereum on GPUs?

o do this, you need to have at least 1 suitable video card (GPU) with ≥8 gigabytes of video memory and correctly configured miner, such as PhoenixMiner. There are also specialized mining-only operating systems, such as HiveOS.

How to overclock AMD graphics cards?

To simply overclock an AMD video card, it is enough to increase its core frequencies, memory and voltage parameters. However, such overclocking will not increase your mining profit but increase electricity cost. You need to edit and flash new BIOS into AMD video card (GPU) for correct overclocking but this process is quite complicated and requires a lot of knowledge from your part.

How to overclock NVIDIA graphics cards?

Although it is impossible to flash NVIDIA video cards (GPUs), their configuration is nonetheless a complex and delicate process because in order to maximize efficiency from each NVIDIA video card (GPU) you need to apply the correct core, memory and power limits settings, correctly selected substitution timings, as well as other parameters available in different miner OS.

How to flash AMD video card BIOS?

You can use the latest "AMDVBFlash" software available at techpowerup.com in Downloads section in order to flash the new BIOS on AMD graphics cards.

How to flash NVIDIA video card BIOS?

NVIDIA video cards are not flashed because its source code is closed and protected of editing. The exception to this is special mining video cards (GPUs), these are such models as P104, P102 and others models which can be flashed to unlock more available GPU video memory.

How to configure the motherboard BIOS for mining?

There is no universal solution since different motherboards have different parameters required for configuration; the parameters names for each one are different as well. General, important and popular settings for all motherboards are PCIe Link Speed = Gen2, 4G Decoding = Enabled, CSM Support = Disabled.

What is the mining profit on my GPU?

The daily income of GPU may differ due to the floating network complexity and the exchange rate of coins. You can check the actual income of mining ETH on your GPUs on our website by using the profitability calculator for GPU.

How to build a mining farm?

To do this, you need to buy all the necessary components, such as a motherboard, processor, RAM, SSD drive, power supply, risers and the video cards (GPUs) of course, than you need to configure the motherboard BIOS, install the desired OS and configure the miner after. For competent approach to the equipment purchase and configuration, please, contact our consultant via chat.

Where can I download BIOS for my GPU ready for unloading?

One thing you have to know is that downloading a ready-made BIOS from the Internet is a high risk decision on your part since it is unknown author and what was installed and reconfigured there. For instance, incorrect temperature limit settings can burn your video card (GPU). However, you can download the mining BIOS for your GPU from our website calculator page because all our BIOS are rebuilt exclusively by us and tested by more than one hundred video cards (GPUs) of your model.

What is the internet speed required to mining?

You need to approach this issue individually. The average configured ETH mining rig consumes approximately 100 kb/sec. However, there are sufficient number of operations that can increase this speed, such as OS update (if you are using HiveOS), miner update and many others.

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